Born in the 70’s . . .

(You can buy this amazing house here, but it’s so lovely I want to buy it for my little Byrdie too!)

Shhh……can you keep a secret? I put up a few things on my Etsy store. Why is it a secret? Well it’s not really but I’m not quite ready to do a Grand Opening and there’s lots more stuff to post. This is just a little test run. Let me know what you think. Today I want to tell you about something new I have discovered. Anyone can make a Treasury on Etsy and I’m hooked. Here’s my first one. It’s all about growing up in the 70’s.

Born In The 70’s Treasury via Etsy

I was born in 1973 and I’m plenty nostalgic about that time period. I had some roller skates just like the ones I found in the Treasury. I have a very vivid memory of going to the skating rink at about 4 years old and getting so excited when “Shake Your Booty” by KC and The Sunshine Band came on. It was kinda my song back then. I lived in Memphis, TN in 1978 and I will never forget when Elvis died. There was of course a huge media frenzy on TV and everyone was talking about it. I asked my my when Elvis was going to get better. We had a dining room table with yellow chairs with lattice work and the yellow and white lattice glasses in the Treasury remind me of it. I remember sitting around it with my Mom and Dad eating homemade biscuits with dinner my Mom made. I used to loooove to dress up and pretend I was a “beautiful lady” in my Mom’s clothes. She had a pair of Candie’s mules that I loved to wear. There were also fabulous gold shoes, pretty earrings and dresses and a huge pile of old dance costumes my Grandmother found for me at a yardsale. Heaven on earth for a little girl with tulle and sequins for miles. I got a Winnie the Pooh record player for my 5th birthday and it was the perfect gift. I could play my records and escape in the music and storybook records. When I was 4 my Dad taught me to Disco on Christmas Eve. I spent so many hours playing barbies making up stories and creating apartments and homes out of chairs and under tables. I loved playing with Little People too and gazing into those tiny homes and pretending I was living in there too. I was born in the 70’s and a part of my heart will always be there. When were you born?