Working Mama

My little Byrdie turned one last week but I’ll tell you more about that later. For now I just wanted to say that I love my job. I love being a stay at home Mom and I am very blessed to have a little part time gig too. I work for Genre Creative – assisting on photo shoots, running our new photobooth The Soap Box, writing blogs, updating social media and whatever else my friend Robin needs help with. It can never be said enough … when you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. I love this job and having worked jobs I didn’t love by varying degrees I can truly say I that I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Plus I am learning more about photography and I get to run a photobooth! I’ve come a long way since I wrote this. So between being a wife, mommy, work, my Etsy store and this blog … things are a quite busy! I will be posting here more often though so don’t give up on me. For today I leave with you a couple of fun pics from the photobooth at my little Byrdie’s birthday party.

Craigslist Finds!

My hope is to have at least one good Craigslist find for you a week. This week to kick off my search I enlisted my friends on Facebook for some inspiration to spark my research. I asked if there were any household items they would like help finding. My good friend Michelle (you can find her blog here) gave me a great list that was very inspiring! This list took me to places other than Craigslist but I made sure everything falls under my personal guidelines that I use (i.e. affordable! no seriously, affordable!) when I’m looking and I’ll most likely only be posting things here that we can afford on a small budget – things that are a good deal but still have alot of style!

So here’s a quote from Michelle and what she’s looking for:

“…some sort of small shelf thing for our entryway-right now we have a white 3 shelf generic childish looking thing. i’d like something vintage or artsy looking but cheap! like a stand or shelf to put mail on and other random things…
also my mom used to have this wooden box thing to store potatoes in.. i’d maybe like to find one of those!?
also looking for curtains and a cool/large/cheap rug…”

Here’s what I found…..

As for a shelf or table for the entry way I found three great pieces on Craigslist that are very affordable and ready to use!

This looks like a very nice Mid-Century Modern book shelf for $35 with a unique design and could be used to hold records also, find it here

Next is another Mid-Century Modern find (my personal favorite of all of these), it’s a side table/cabinet for $25 and it looks like the doors open in the front for storage. Click here for more details.

The third piece is even more affordable, it’s a little vintage telephone stand, painted black for only $10! See it here

Now as for rugs, when she mentioned an affordable rug I immediately thought of a new rug at Ikea that is very affordable at only $19.99. I love it! When I first saw it I tried to think of a place it would fit in our home but we have a fully carpeted apartment with no need for rugs right now. So here it is, click here for more details.

Michelle also mentioned an old fashioned wooden potato box, I didn’t see any on Craigslist but I’ll keep my eye out. I have a feeling that could be found at a garage sale. Meanwhile I checked Ebay and was surprised to see them going for $70-$80, then I found this, it’s plans for making your own potato box. To me that seems like a great option because the ones I saw didn’t seem to fit my friend’s style – they were all more on the country side – but with this it could be painted and modified a bit to look more retro than country.

And now curtains……curtains are hard! I just recently spent months searching for just the right curtains for our living room. I finally found these on Ebay and I’m pretty sure they were made in the 70’s from a pair of Vera sheets. I love them but it took alot of searching and then a very close bidding process on Ebay before they were finally mine!

I read a very interesting blog post yesterday at Here’s Looking At Me Kid with a great DIY on making your own curtains from thrifted sheets! Definitely check it out! Meanwhile here’s a couple pairs of curtains I liked on Ebay.

These 1950’s Bark Cloth Vintage Curtains are for sell from Great Britain and the US Price current bid is $7.59 (at the time of this posting). I love this pattern! Click here for the auction.

Next up is a great piece of 70’s fabric that would make amazing curtains OR could be made into a wall hanging. This is just my style! These would require some work but definitely worth it if you are into an authentic retro wall hanging or set of curtains and 70’s modern is your style. The buy it now price of $25 is not bad for what you get, auction is here.

Last  is this 70’s geometric design in green that I also love, the starting bid is $29 which is on the higher side for me (as a starting bid) but there are zero bids so you could get lucky! Click here for the auction and photos (photo not included unfortunately for technical reasons!).

So there you have it! Hope you have enjoyed this round up of ideas as much as I had fun researching them. So how about you? What are you looking for? I love to research so leave a comment with as much detail as possible and perhaps I’ll choose yours for the next Craigslist (and beyond!) Finds post!