I wrestled with the idea of working with doTERRA and becoming a Wellness Advocate for about 2 years before I got involved. The idea of doing something with Network Marketing was so not appealing to me. I guess I took a little pride in the fact that I had some pretty cool jobs in my life (music business, record label, radio, road manager for bands, digital marketing agency, nanny to a televangelist (maybe that goes in the quirky category instead of cool), photography assistant). Nowhere in that cool job description did the words MLM or Network Marketing show up at all. Please. No way. Over time the stigma became less important to me when I learned more and more about doTERRA. Honestly, I stopped caring if it was a “cool” thing to do or not because I saw that a) these oils really work and it’s life changing for a lot of people to find something that actually works and I love to help people and felt obligated to share this info b) this was a company making a difference around the world in many ways and I am excited to be part of that movement to disrupt healthcare was we know here in the US c) it gave me permission to be creative and dream some dreams for myself instead of always promoting someone else’s dream and a way to work from home. Also, the friends using the oils and that I made through attending events were more than cool, they are are amazing human beings. Maybe my definition of cool needed some tweaking. 😉
Sooooo … having said all that! (insert laughter) When I was at the doTERRA Gala Event this year and saw Ben Lee and Ione Skye walk as doTERRA Diamonds … my jaw dropped. My inner fan girl came out in full force and I felt so excited that I was not just in the same room as them but the same business. Ione Sky was in Say Anything and married to one of the Beastie Boys for crying out loud! LOL😭😍😂 (my old friends will understand why this is a big deal) It was definitely a validating moment in my career choice.
So first of all, who cares about cool? Kind is cool. However, if you are going to care … I say that if it’s cool enough for them, it’s definitely cool enough for me.
Here’s a video I found of them doing an Intro To Essential Oils on youtube and it’s a great intro. I am working on sharing my story and my journey more and it’s awkward for me to write big posts like this but what if the doTERRA opportunity could change someone else’s life like it has changed mine? I have to share. Check it out and I would love to hear what you think. Also, side note … that living room is #goals.
Intro To Essential Oils with Ben Lee and Ione Skye