Want to see what’s in my purse?

I have this theory about bloggers.

I think that the ones with the most readers (girls like Dooce, Jasmine Star, Young House Love) are the ones who are the same type girls who would say to me in school “Want to see what’s in my purse?”. What they had in their purse always seemed infinitely more exciting than what was in my own. I would never ever randomly say that to someone, not even my best friend. Their lip gloss or chap stick and whatever else always seemed charmed while whatever I had in mine felt boring and worn out.

So it goes with writing. Those people who have a ton of followers seem to spill their guts or just talk about everyday stuff and we read it. It’s hard for me to think that anyone would care to read about my day to day life. I guess a little bit of mystery goes a long way with me too. So, I’m probably never going to be one of those girls. I’ll probably not list out what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on my blog and tell you every little thing. That’s just not me. However I am trying to find my voice here. A couple things I do know is that I want to be real. I want to be encouraging. I want to show you the beauty in everyday life that we so often miss. I want to mix up some practical stuff with some really beautiful stuff and some funny, clever stuff. Maybe I’ll tell you a couple secrets and maybe I’ll share my dinner or lunch some days or show you something cool I found. I hope you will want to see it. That’s the fear after all. You know what I mean? If I ask you if you want to see what’s in my purse…what if you say no?