i’m still here …


it’s been a whirlwind. in august i decided to go back to school. crazy. i must have been taking some kind of crazy pills that day. it really did all get decided in one day and then boom, after starting college …ahem… awhile ago i went back. i am taking digital photography and finally learning something i want to learn about. it’s every bit as hard as i thought it would be and more to take classes online and some in person, be a mom, be a wife, work part time from home and have a husband who is working two jobs and going to school full time.

it’s alot.

it’s just a season though and in march my husband starts student teaching and then he graduates in june. what a glorious day that will be. some kind of party is definitely in order i do believe. so we have a little girl now, no more baby, she’s a toddler 1 1/2 to be exact as of this week. she’s getting into everything. we found 5 gum wrappers on the floor yesterday after she had apparently decided to raid my purse and eat 5 pieces of sugar free gum. running around after her, doing my job and trying to squeeze in school and taking pictures whenever i can doesn’t leave room for much else like cleaning or writing here. i am doing some writing over here though, talking about going to school for photography and other stuff. i’m still here, i’m not giving up on this blog, i’m just trying to get through this season and learn all i can so we can go new places.