It’s day number two of Winter Colours Week at poppytalk.com and this is my white for today. It was taken in New York. As we walked along this bit of a corner of a building caught my eye so I snapped a couple quick shots. Little did I know I would like it so much that I would blow it up very, very large and hang it right over my bed. I like to look at it and remember that day. It was in the summer of 2009 when my husband and I went to the Del Close Marathon at the UCB Theater . In case you haven’t heard of it – it’s a weekend of improv comedy 24 hours a day honoring the late Del Close who influenced alot of names you would recognize from things like SNL. We spent that whole weekend seeing show after show. When they say 24 hours a day they are not joking around. All sorts of comedy nerd celebrities stopped by and around 3am is when things got really fun. It was my first and only time experiencing New York city in the dead heat of summer and this just so happened to be the hottest week of the summer of 2009. Water bottles, ice cubes and personal fans barely moved the heat. It was really something though. Our favorite Improv sets included Cosby-Prov, Hollywood Squares from the 70’s and the StoveTop Boys. We slept a few winks of sleep in a friend of a friends apartment in SoHo that we rented for two nights, had the best tacos we had ever had in a little hole in the wall mexican place, rode the subway at 5am, walked through Brooklyn eating Italian Ice finally understanding why it’s a big deal and we walked and walked and sat and sat and watched and watched and laughed and laughed.

Winter Colours Week 2011

It’s Winter Colours Week over at one of my very favorite blogs www.poppytalk.com and I’m playing along. Because it’s January and we could all use a little color to brighten our days. I used to be afraid of color and painting walls bright colors but not anymore. Bring on the color! Splash it on, paint with bold strokes, you can never have too much color! Today is all about red, berry, cerise, etc. So I’m digging back into my photos to one taken back in July on the day my little byrdie was due, July 11th. This is icy sweet Mexican ice cream at a taco truck.