My Little Byrdie

As of today we have a 6 week old little baby girl. The past month and a half have been a time like no other I’ve ever known! She was born on July 21st at 11:09pm and our lives have not been the same since. It’s all such a blur, a whirlwind, in the beginning the first few weeks just felt like one very long day with very little sleep. My intention from the beginning has been to take one photo every day of her first year and post it here. Pictures have been taken, but this is the first minute I’ve had to sit down and write. The pictures will come, all of them. I just wanted to post a little update and say we are still here just trying to sort everything out and just now starting to make a little sense out of life with baby.  It may be a slow process but I’m making my way back to writing and posting.

To say we are overjoyed would be the understatement of all time. She is simply amazing, a gift and truly a miracle. She stole our hearts instantly and we love her so much. And so life with our little Byrdie begins.