How do you wait for a baby?

I’m not sure what you are supposed to do while you are waiting for a baby to arrive, but here is what we are doing. We are enjoying this time. It’s like the calm before the storm; but I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean it in the best, most peaceful and contented way. Am I the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my life…no. Do I feel horrible…no. I am content. This is such a sweet time to spend with my husband, enjoying this time where it’s just the two of us while being so excited that we can not wait for our baby girl to arrive. It’s so sweet and I hope we’ll always remember it. This baby girl is so wanted and prayed for and a miracle in so many ways. She is born out of and into love and will never have to lack for people in her life to love her.

Summer is such a sweet time to wait for a baby. I’m trying to soak up as much of the sun and simple pleasures that I can. Here are some of my favorites of this summer of waiting:

Sunshine (naturally)

Looking out at my patio with the little yellow table and chairs, red geranium and herbs

Taco Trucks, Taco Trucks and more Taco Trucks!If you live in Columbus click here for more info on where to find them!

Mexican Ice Cream at the Taco Trucks! (see pic) This weekend we tried Strawberry and Coconut! Light and refreshing with chunks of ice! The perfect summer treat.

Swimming Pools

Spending time with friends in swimming pools, in backyards, and around fire pits and grills

Grilled Corn on the Cob and Asparagus

Watermelon and Strawberries and fruits of all kinds!

Holding hands with my sweetheart

Working on the nursery together

Looking at our old baby pictures and wondering what the baby will look like…

Cleaning the car and apartment and making it sparkle and shine

Picking out tiny little baby clothes

Making my limeade spritzers (half club soda/half Simply Limeade) and drinking to my hearts content…

Cuco’s…The Rusa…Quesadillas…Barbacoa…Taqueria Tacos!

Flip Flops

Seeing our friend’s sweet babies enjoy the swimming pool, splashing around in joy…

Taking photos (I want to take more)

Spontaneous trips to get Ice Cream

Seeing as many movies as we can in the nice, cold air conditioned movie theater

Crushed Ice

Sweet expectant messages from friends wondering if baby has come yet

Sun kissed skin and hair

Ice Cold Coca Cola in a bottle (preferably the Mexican kind)

Lightning Bugs

Long days of sunshine that last till almost 10pm

Homemade popcorn made on the stove

Journaling and praying for this unborn baby

Plans to take a photo of the baby every day for the first year of her life (and yes, I plan to post them here)

Love. Most of all these days are full of love. Not to mention thankfulness, new found freedoms, sweet memories, hopeful thoughts and then some more love. We are so very blessed.

Craigslist Finds!

My hope is to have at least one good Craigslist find for you a week. This week to kick off my search I enlisted my friends on Facebook for some inspiration to spark my research. I asked if there were any household items they would like help finding. My good friend Michelle (you can find her blog here) gave me a great list that was very inspiring! This list took me to places other than Craigslist but I made sure everything falls under my personal guidelines that I use (i.e. affordable! no seriously, affordable!) when I’m looking and I’ll most likely only be posting things here that we can afford on a small budget – things that are a good deal but still have alot of style!

So here’s a quote from Michelle and what she’s looking for:

“…some sort of small shelf thing for our entryway-right now we have a white 3 shelf generic childish looking thing. i’d like something vintage or artsy looking but cheap! like a stand or shelf to put mail on and other random things…
also my mom used to have this wooden box thing to store potatoes in.. i’d maybe like to find one of those!?
also looking for curtains and a cool/large/cheap rug…”

Here’s what I found…..

As for a shelf or table for the entry way I found three great pieces on Craigslist that are very affordable and ready to use!

This looks like a very nice Mid-Century Modern book shelf for $35 with a unique design and could be used to hold records also, find it here

Next is another Mid-Century Modern find (my personal favorite of all of these), it’s a side table/cabinet for $25 and it looks like the doors open in the front for storage. Click here for more details.

The third piece is even more affordable, it’s a little vintage telephone stand, painted black for only $10! See it here

Now as for rugs, when she mentioned an affordable rug I immediately thought of a new rug at Ikea that is very affordable at only $19.99. I love it! When I first saw it I tried to think of a place it would fit in our home but we have a fully carpeted apartment with no need for rugs right now. So here it is, click here for more details.

Michelle also mentioned an old fashioned wooden potato box, I didn’t see any on Craigslist but I’ll keep my eye out. I have a feeling that could be found at a garage sale. Meanwhile I checked Ebay and was surprised to see them going for $70-$80, then I found this, it’s plans for making your own potato box. To me that seems like a great option because the ones I saw didn’t seem to fit my friend’s style – they were all more on the country side – but with this it could be painted and modified a bit to look more retro than country.

And now curtains……curtains are hard! I just recently spent months searching for just the right curtains for our living room. I finally found these on Ebay and I’m pretty sure they were made in the 70’s from a pair of Vera sheets. I love them but it took alot of searching and then a very close bidding process on Ebay before they were finally mine!

I read a very interesting blog post yesterday at Here’s Looking At Me Kid with a great DIY on making your own curtains from thrifted sheets! Definitely check it out! Meanwhile here’s a couple pairs of curtains I liked on Ebay.

These 1950’s Bark Cloth Vintage Curtains are for sell from Great Britain and the US Price current bid is $7.59 (at the time of this posting). I love this pattern! Click here for the auction.

Next up is a great piece of 70’s fabric that would make amazing curtains OR could be made into a wall hanging. This is just my style! These would require some work but definitely worth it if you are into an authentic retro wall hanging or set of curtains and 70’s modern is your style. The buy it now price of $25 is not bad for what you get, auction is here.

Last  is this 70’s geometric design in green that I also love, the starting bid is $29 which is on the higher side for me (as a starting bid) but there are zero bids so you could get lucky! Click here for the auction and photos (photo not included unfortunately for technical reasons!).

So there you have it! Hope you have enjoyed this round up of ideas as much as I had fun researching them. So how about you? What are you looking for? I love to research so leave a comment with as much detail as possible and perhaps I’ll choose yours for the next Craigslist (and beyond!) Finds post!

Welcome to!

It’s a new day! It’s the 4th of July, a day to celebrate freedom, life and  liberty and I can definitely say we are all about that around here. Welcome to my new blog! For the past several years I’ve had a little blog called Word On The Street Is and before that it was called Non Sequitor. It represents many seasons in my life from a single girl living in an apartment downtown working in the music business industry to finding the love of my life and getting married getting out of the music biz and settling down into the 9-5 world. Somewhere along the way during those seasons a little spark of a dream started for a new blog. You are looking at the reality of that dream! After years of day dreaming about it I can finally say…..welcome to

So let me tell you a little bit about me and how I hope this blog will be different and what I’d like to do with it. First of all I’m Meridith. I’m 36 and married to the hillarious, sweet and wonderful Nathan Smart. We live in a small apartment near OSU in Columbus, OH and we are expecting our first baby any day now! I’m 39 weeks pregnant as of today! Nathan works a full time job and goes to school full time. I am now officially on Maternity Leave from my job as an Executive Assistant at a Marketing Agency. We are on the precipice of so much change and a whole new life so what better time to start a brand new site?? Right?

So, I wanted to start for a couple reasons. I have a huge desire to find the beauty in every day life and I firmly believe that it’s possible to live a full rich life of beauty, art, music and so much more without spending a ton of money. With a husband full time in school and a baby on the way we are certainly going to have to pinch our pennies. It will be an adventure to say the least and not to mention challenging but I’m up for it and I’m inviting you to come on this journey with me and hopefully we can all learn and grow as we go along. I’m no stranger to saving money! We planned our own wedding with a budget of less than $3,000 and it was the wedding of our dreams. You can do it too! I’ll be talking alot about that here as I share my wedding with you and the weddings of other friends who had budgets of $3,000 or less. Our apartment is decorated from Craigslist finds and Ikea furniture and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Our nursery was the latest project and it was alot of fun. I’ll be sharing pictures and showing you great deals I find on Craigslist and around the web. There are a ton of Mommy blogs out there that can tell you the best way to save with coupons, I’m just learning about that and I don’t want to create another site like that but I’ll be trying it out and I’ll let you know how it goes. I have alot more ideas too but that’s enough to give you an idea of where we are headed in the months to come! I hope to make alot of new friends here, find old friends and basically make this site a friendly place where new ideas are shared, beauty and love are celebrated and life is lived to it’s fullest. It’s a little scary putting yourself out there like this to share your life and ideas but my sincere hope is that it will be an encouragement to others and that my experiences can be of use to someone else.

Let’s raise a glass and toast to new beginnings today! Thanks for stopping by!!!